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The Reunion 4

January 13, 2015

Happy 2015! We are so glad to be back with stories and delicious memories from our holidays…which included a much-anticipated reunion in Whistler! The fact is, we met (a lightning-fast) five years ago (if you don’t know the story, catch up here) and for the last three we’ve lived on either side of the Pacific ocean, in different hemispheres. This blog began as a way for us to share our near-constant chatter over email–our ideas, writing musings, food obsessions and recipes. Plus, the news and to-do’s when various kids came along. We’ve learned, laughed and met new friends here. It’s been a party.


Having a chance to reunite has made us all nostaglic and misty-eyed, so for this first post back, we thought we’d catch up interview-style, like we did at the start. To see what’s changed, what’s grown and what’s to come. And to mark this point in the journey, the special night we caught up, both families, in the snow and cheek-chilling cold of a mountain town…



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