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Two cakes (with soundtracks) 7

November 11, 2014

I have a very important question. Can cake have a soundtrack?



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Sweet Little Something 0

November 8, 2014

Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend and offering a little something from our week. A moment to treasure, an image to remember (something to serve as haiku-inspiration? Go on!) Feel free to leave your comments, a link to your own Sweet Little Something image  or a haiku; we love to hear from you. H & R x

From Hannah: 



From Ria:




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Pilgrimage 2

November 4, 2014

Sometimes you just have to go on a journey, you know? Something calls to you, the spirit moves, stars align, however it happens to happen. These days it’s not so easy for me to up and take a road trip because I have to bring two small people with me, and they make for often noisy car rides, among other joys. But when you learn that it’s a very fine salmon spawning year and that they are congregating in obscene masses 500 kilometers from where you are—that they have swum those 500 kilometers in the past few weeks—you kind of need to make a journey.

And since this journey involves hardship (I’m counting screaming kids, here), reflection (“Are we insane to attempt this?”), a long distance (see above) and a transformative experience (wait for it), I’m going to go ahead and call it a pilgrimage.


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