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By the time you read this….I’ll be gone. 6

June 29, 2014

photo 1


Ha! How melodramatic is that? Couldn’t resist that title, think I’ve always been partial to a bit of that film noir looking into middle distance business. Technically it is true. By the time you read this I will be on a plane flying to the other side of the world. Possibly stepping out onto that other side. Hey; perhaps it’s your side of the world. Hello.

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Sweet Little Something 0

June 27, 2014

It’s that time again – time for a Sweet Little Something! With our new “guest star” (something about that reminds me of ‘Melrose Place’?? shudder.), Amanda a.k.a Carmen San Diego, contributing to the photographic inspiration. Please feel encouraged to leave a comment, a haiku, whatever takes your fancy, we love to hear from you. And, even more importantly, go on and have yourself a super weekend. With love, H & A x

From Hannah:


From Amanda:


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Who She is: Amanda Quayle 9

June 21, 2014

Drumroll please….It’s time to reveal our mystery guest blogger! Please put your hands together for my friend and irrepressible adventurer, Amanda Quayle. If you were puzzled by her photos posted on Sweet Little Something it might have been because she is on the move around Europe and they were taken in two different countries. Why? How? You’ll have to read her answers below to find out what on earth and where on earth she is up to.


But, before you do, let me give my version of an introduction. The first thing to learn about Amanda is just how curious she is. Now, I am curious (so much so one of my nicknames is George. Get it?) but Amanda actually, unbelievably, out-questions me. It’s worse, I think, if she likes you. So if you meet her in person I am warning you – it’s like a strangely pleasant and rigorous interrogation session with the FBI. Other than her salient curiosity Amanda is also genuine, upfront, generous and kind. She remembers things you said five years ago, your Mum’s name, probably even your shoe size. She’s unfailingly loyal. She’s insanely organised. No truly, insanely. She’s crazy-fun and full of beans and self-aware and ambitious. She’s going to hate me for quoting Katy Perry but honestly, this girl is a firework. We met in Macau, China, when we were both working for big business. We became firm friends fast; quickly realizing we shared the same brand of curiosity and restlessness, the same love of food and dislike for small talk. Amanda Quayle is a seriously good human. You are really going to like her.



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Sweet Little Something 1

June 19, 2014

Wishing you another wonderful weekend with a Sweet Little Something – photos that capture a special moment from our week, an inspiration for your comments or haiku. This week we have another clue from our secret guest blogger who will be introduced to you VERY SOON. Eeeeeeeee! Where is she? Who is she? *insert spooky, mysterious piano music*

From our shhhhh-it’s-a-secret Guest Blogger:


From Hannah:


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The story of our day 8

June 15, 2014

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
– John Lennon




When I think back on past adventures and life chapters the things I miss or enjoy recalling most are often the things I don’t have photos of. The absolutely mundane things. Walks I took every day past things that didn’t stand up to being photographed. Bus shelters. Library entrances. Constructions that were unfinished or broken or started discussions. The kitsch art prints on the restaurant wall. The friendly woman who sold me diet coke. The way a staircase looked in the afternoon light. The people I always saw, unposed, in the places I always saw them.


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