Thankful 3

October 3, 2012

So it’s coming on (Canadian) Thanksgiving here, which means roast veg and turkey and pie. Not necessarily in that order. But it also means that it’s been almost a full year since we had our last big hurrah together, my friend. For two Thanksgivings in a row we ate and talked and were merry. I have to say this year feels a little empty without you. Remember when we measured B1 against the turkey, and the turkey won?

Butternuts from the garden

The best part about Thanksgiving for me is the food, of course, but I also love the thankfulness. There’s not enough of that around these days, and I find this time a great chance to build up some bonus gratitude points. You know, for the end of year report card or whatever. This year I’m thankful for a lot of things, most of all our baby girl, little e…

November 2011, two weeks old


…but also that our dog, Pender, got to have his last years in this house and die peacefully in the backyard, where he was most content.

Pender putting on the Handsome at the beach

And that our raspberry harvest started in July and is still going…


And I’m really grateful for friendship, so here’s a huge squeeze across the ocean. Happy Thanksgiving.




1 poppytunnicliffe { 10.05.12 at 2:18 am }

Awww, I’m gonna cry! Just got a chance to read this post and it is so lovely it makes my heart sing. I am so very sad we will not have Thanksgiving together. I dare say it was the very best thing about living in Canada, to have Thanksgiving with you and D and your family. This year there would have been three baby girls asleep in the house as we ate pie and gave our thanks, can you imagine?! One day…

Sending you many squeezes and so thankful for your friendship (and pie and little e and raspberries too, of course)

Love, Hannah x

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