Sweet Little Something 8

March 21, 2015

For the next few Sweet Little Somethings we will be trialling a small change. One of us will post a picture from our week – a moment, something noticed, an image worth treasuring – and the other will leave a comment, haiku or link inspired by the photo. Please feel free to join in the game and leave your own thoughts, notes or poetry. We love to hear from you! H & R xo

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From Hannah:


From Ria:

What do you think, Ladies?

Does this one have grain

in a hidden pocket?



1 Aimee { 03.22.15 at 4:47 am }

Ducks waiting for food
To feed or not to feed?
Bread crumbs for all

2 Hannah { 03.24.15 at 3:05 am }

Lovely, Aimee. I think we should tell Ria that “bread crumbs” sounds much more romantic in a haiku than “cracked corn”… lol x

3 Ria Voros { 03.24.15 at 5:35 am }

With you on that one!

4 Hannah Tunnicliffe { 03.22.15 at 9:52 am }

Did you know you shouldn’t really feed ducks bread? I didn’t know this. A friend recently posted a link on Facebook and I learned some things. http://birding.about.com/od/birdfeeders/a/whatduckseat.htm Well, there you go! X

5 Ria Voros { 03.23.15 at 8:26 pm }

Yes, we are a cracked-corn duck-feeding family around here. Little e recently tried to convince me that because Peppa Pig feeds ducks bread, it is okay. We had to have a serious discussion about the misrepresentation of the facts in TV shows. 🙂

6 Hannah { 03.24.15 at 3:03 am }

Tut tut Peppa Pig. Shame on you. 😉

7 Aimee { 03.25.15 at 3:43 am }

I agree Hannah, cracked corn is less romantic for a haiku. But, I have seen the error of my ways;) Here is my revised haiku:

Instead of fish and bugs
hungry ducks eat cracked corn
Wishing for bread crumbs

8 Ria Voros { 03.25.15 at 4:59 am }

Ooh, well played! I bet they do. 🙂

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