Sweet Little Something + Book winners! 7

October 10, 2014

We have winners!! The generous people at Simon and Schuster gave us two copies of Marissa Stapley‘s Mating for Life to give away and we’re just about to do just that. If you didn’t get a chance to read Marissa’s interview and the competition entries please check it out here. All you had to do to enter was tell us what you are mated to for life, what you love and cannot live without. We absolutely LOVED all your answers; it was really challenging to select just two. In the end we chose Angie and Shireen as our winners; congratulations! A big thank you to everyone who played along. Please stay tuned for more competitions and give aways.

And finally, in the spirit of celebrating Marissa’s book and your fantastic comments this week’s Sweet Little Something depicts something each of us could not bear to live without. Please leave us a haiku or comment below; we love to hear from you and we do send good karma your way when you do. Truly.

Have a happy weekend!

From Hannah: My Sister. And a camera (though the one she is pictured with might not be overly effective). It doesn’t need to be a snazzy camera, the camera on my phone will suffice and I am an instagram addict. I guess I’m just a snap-happy, sister-lurvin’ kinda girl.


From Ria: Nature. I’m lucky to live in a gorgeous part of the world, with inspiring everyday sights outside my door. I try to maintain a child-like wonder about it all (just check out this Horse Chestnut seed pod. Amazing and beautiful.), which means I’m never bored when I’m outdoors. Having a three year old helps too.



1 Kendall { 10.10.14 at 9:14 am }

What a lovely post! What a silly camera. I like my sister would find life exceptionally difficult without her.
I think that when you have siblings you are completely intertwined for life and when you have fabulous siblings you must rejoice that fact!!
Another thing I can’t live without is mum. Where would we be without mums?
Mums and sisters- the best.

2 Hannah { 10.10.14 at 9:54 am }

Hear, hear! Siblings are first friends, always friends. Especially when they read your blog. As for where we’d be without Mums…not here at all? Love you K. How good were them donuts? X

3 Aimee { 10.11.14 at 1:50 am }

Spiny horse chestnuts
Placed indoors deter spiders
Or outside grow trees

4 Hannah { 10.12.14 at 8:32 am }

I love your haiku, Aimee! And now I need to know plural for haiku is haiku or haikus?? Always asking the big questions…

5 Ria Voros { 10.14.14 at 3:40 am }

Love this, Aimee!

6 Aimee { 10.13.14 at 5:15 pm }

I call them haiku, but now I’m second guessing myself! It would be fun if the plural for haiku had a totally different ending. Like nucleus/nuclei or woman/women. Haikei? Haiken? LOL I hope someone can shed light on this pressing situation

7 Ria Voros { 10.16.14 at 8:38 pm }

As far as I know, Aimee, it’s just haiku, plural or not, because it’s a Japanese word. I don’t speak Japanese, so I don’t know what happens grammatically there. But if I were able to pluralize it to my liking, I’d say Haikuu, because we don’t have enough words with double u. I like to support the underdog!

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