Sweet Little Something 7

January 31, 2014

Why… hello, Friday! That means it’s time for a Sweet Little Something – an end of the week morsel that we would love your comments on. It may be a photograph, a link, a poem…some tidbit of inspiration. Leave us a note or create a haiku for a photograph if it takes your fancy. We heart your creativity!

From Hannah:


From Ria



1 Maegan { 01.31.14 at 5:21 am }

Cowpats don’t come wrapped,
wrapped in cute little wrappers.
Not where I come from.

2 Maegan { 01.31.14 at 5:27 am }

banana pancakes
sweet banana pancakes sweet
banana pancakes

3 Hannah Tunnicliffe { 01.31.14 at 6:15 am }

I realise now
that juxtaposing sweet treats
with, ahem, poo…well…

(Btw, Ria, is that your caramel sauce? Drooooooool.)

4 Ria Voros { 01.31.14 at 9:28 pm }

No, it’s maple syrup, but OH MY GOD CARAMEL WOULD BE GOOD ON PANCAKES! Saturday morning’s breakfast has just been planned.

5 Hannah Tunnicliffe { 02.02.14 at 1:51 am }

Inspired by your post I made caramel sauce on Friday night, Ria. With a cocoa nib cookie crumb. On vanilla bean ice-cream. I don’t mean to get religious but HOLY it was something.

6 Ria Voros { 02.02.14 at 4:08 pm }

I’m so pleased!! And jealous! Caramel sauce for everyone!

7 Hannah { 02.04.14 at 10:26 pm }

I would just like to make it known that I very much approve of using exclamation marks with wild abandon.

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