Sweet Little Something 10

December 13, 2013

This month’s Sweet Little Something posts are all about the holidays.  Leave us a note or create a haiku for a photograph if it takes your fancy. Sending warm and cozy or cool and breezy wishes your way–depending on your hemisphere!

From Hannah:


From Ria:



1 Hannah { 12.13.13 at 8:41 am }

Wish I could fit
in a plastic tub
for an outdoor bath

(that’s how we wash in summer, ’round here)

2 Louise { 12.13.13 at 12:30 pm }

‘Our tree this year is
Fake!’ said Mum. I’m not OK
With this news quite yet.

3 Louise { 12.13.13 at 12:31 pm }

(Just working through some family feeling through the medium of haiku. I bet the tree in Ria’s photo is real and carries with it the Smell of Christmas)

4 Ria Voros { 12.13.13 at 4:21 pm }

It does, Louise. But I think we felt it would be sacrilege to have a fake tree in an old house. Dark wood paneling and lath and plaster walls = balsam Xmas tree. Otherwise the ghosts of the house would drop things on our heads at night. Or something. Then again, our house is modern compared to lots of places in the UK, so maybe we just wanted a (flimsy) reason to enjoy The Smell. It is Christmassy. Good luck with that fake tree! Apparently you can buy the Smell of Christmas separately…

5 Louise { 12.13.13 at 6:07 pm }

My mother told me
I could get some Christmas spray
But it’s not the same.

6 Ria Voros { 12.13.13 at 6:44 pm }

Christmas spray, like fake snow
and LED lights, makes me yearn
for the holidays of yore.

7 Hannah { 12.13.13 at 7:23 pm }

Even Downunder
We get a fragrant, real tree
Smells just right. YEAH! Sorry.

8 Hannah { 12.13.13 at 7:24 pm }

But I can’t count syllables so….doh. Early morning haiku creation should be avoided.

9 Ria Voros { 12.13.13 at 8:02 pm }

I’ve decided the syllable count shouldn’t matter (if one doesn’t want it to). Sometimes we have to haiku outside the box.

(Plus, there isn’t a serious reason for adhering to the 17 syllable count in English haiku. It’s kind of a myth. Although it does make for some entertaining poetry and is fun in itself.)

10 Hannah { 12.13.13 at 10:09 pm }

Excellent. I will carry on with my rogue (tired, bumbling) haiku-ing then. Thanks Ria. x

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