Fork and Fiction is a collaborative project by two friends on opposite sides of the globe; Ria Voros and Hannah Tunnicliffe. Both are authors and mums, both are obsessed with food and books.

riaphoto  ria(As told by Hannah) This is my friend, Ria. She has an obsessive love for cake. And books. She lives on Vancouver Island in Canada, with her husband (DH–his real initials but also Darling Husband), daughter (little e) and son (the tiger). Vancouver Island is much too far away for my liking, but unfortunately she is very happy there, amongst her raspberry bushes and parks full of rabbits and squirrels, living in a splendid character house which does not have a television. She has an MFA from the University of British Columbia and has written two award-nominated novels, Nobody’s Dog and The Opposite of Geek. She’s working on more fiction for teens and children.

Ria and I met when I attended her writing class at a community college in Vancouver. I thought she was awesome and pretty much friend-stalked her into coffee dates and becoming pals. Turns out she IS awesome. And, bonus, she didn’t balk at my over-enthusiasm (to become her friend and just in general, really). She even invited us over for Thanksgiving. Twice!

Ria is very smart, funny and frank. She always has something interesting to tell you. She remembers your birthday. She tells it like it is. She gets excited about cookbooks and foreign films. She doesn’t eat meat. She grows stuff in her garden and then cooks with it and it is always delicious. (I know, cool huh? Ask her about her butternut squash pie. Droooool). She has a unique point of view and can articulate it. I always love hearing from her and I know you will too. Learn more about Ria here

han(As told by Ria) This is my friend, Hannah, who lives in Auckland, New Zealand at the moment, but used to live in Vancouver, Canada, and before that lived in Macau, and before that…well, you get the picture. She is the author of three novels: The Colour of Tea,  Season of Salt and Honey and A French Wedding. Keeping things in threes she is also the mother of three gorgeous daughters (B1, B2 and B3), whom she co-created with her husband, Matt. I met Hannah in a writing class I was teaching in Vancouver. She was clearly a star and I wondered if she would think it weird that her instructor wanted to be her friend. Those coffee dates were over too fast—she had such interesting tales of foreign lands, exotic work and unusual people (to me, anyway). She was so positive, vibrant and fun that I was very disappointed that within a month I’d be moving out of town.

Hannah is the friend you always knew you were waiting to meet. She’s kind, thoughtful, funny and candid. She loves her family, which is always a sign of a good human, in my book. She’s one brave lady, having chosen to follow her passion when her career no longer fulfilled her, and in doing so, turned out to be one hell of a writer. She gives beautiful, colour-coordinated parties with things like mint-strawberry water in tall glass bottles. She loves bunting (and inspired me to make some of my own). She is a connoisseur of tea. She can describe the pants off any piece of pastry (see Table of Contents, The Colour of Tea). She knows how to write sex scenes, which is always way harder that it seems. She makes excellent salads.
Find out more about Hannah’s world and work here.