Les Vacances – Part One 3

July 27, 2014

We’re baaa-aack. Back in merino undergarments and three layers worth of pyjamas. Back to cranking the heaters and willing the sun to stay in the sky past 5pm. Back to kindy, to work, to the supermarket.

We were looking at photos of the glassy, glassy Croatian sea about one hour after we arrived home.




Holidays. Sweet holidays. How to keep the memories from slipping through your fingers?? To retain the energy, the sense of adventure, the spiritual tan, radiance from those busy, challenging, mind-stretching, sparkly days? I’ve been reading travel mate and blogging doyen Beth‘s posts on BabyMac to get ideas. She always has good’uns. Make a photobook quick-smart? Book the next adventure? Buy thicker sox and suck it up, buttercup?


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Sweet Little Something 3

July 25, 2014

Back from holiday and it’s time for a Sweet Little Something! With our guest star, Amanda a.k.a Carmen San Diego, contributing to the photographic inspiration, of course. Please feel encouraged to leave a comment, a haiku, whatever takes your fancy, we love to hear from you. And, even more importantly, go on and have yourself a super weekend. With love, H & A x

From Hannah:



From Amanda:




Vienna – the side dishes! 2

July 16, 2014

There are endless reasons to adore Europe – aromatic espressos, architecture at sunrise, people watching, (especially if said people are wearing socks and sandals simultaneously with two braids tied on top of their head and pushing a pram with a dog in it) but my favourite reason is the ability to be in a completely different country within an hour. In the six weeks we spent in landlocked Austria we took three side trips which I will regale you with the best bits, awarded on the amount of laughter or oohing and ahhing that was generated and the worst bits, allocated according to how large I wore my frown.


Salzburg, Austria

Best bits:

1. Meandering the cobbled streets of the old town and reaching the top of the Hohensalzberg Fortress that guards the city. Built in 1077, the medieval fortress offers the best views of the city. Visit the fortress before or after lunch so you can dine alfresco at the Stieglkeller. Their golden lagers were a treat after walking in the sweltering heat and their potato rosti with smoked salmon and caper berries was one of the best meals I had in Austria!




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Wish you were here: Europe 2

July 13, 2014



(Ways I considered beginning this postcard: Well..?! / Oh my God. / Holy / A series of these: !!!!)



We are in Europe. The whole bumbling lot of us. Now in Paris, before that Brittany, before that Croatia. It’s been a crazy-wonderful adventure. And we still have a few days up our sleeves.

We’ve been sleepless and blurry-eyed, sprinted to make connecting flights, had luggage go missing. We left B1′s most special blanket on an island off Hvar. And got it back again. Eventually. We’ve driven on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. Gotten sunburnt. Argued. Tantrummed. Taken bracing, deep breaths.

But then… One night we listened to a traditional klapa group performing in a crumbling monastery under a night sky and another day ate truffle and scampi pasta overlooking ocean that was blindingly turquoise. We have had chocolate pastries and kouign amann for breakfast, fresh, fat (practically obese) cherries with lunch, ice-cream to end the day. In Croatia we went to a party in a castle right across the water from Italy and in France dined on lobster while mist and rain swirled around the Breton cliffs.

Tonight in St-Germain we listen to a gazillion people watching the World Cup final and tomorrow join in the Bastille Day celebrations. Are we here? In Paris? Is this real?

Avec l’amour,

Hannah x




Goodbye Cruel World… 7

July 1, 2014

Working and wrapping up a full time job with 30 staff, moving a three-bedroom home into storage and having eye surgery are individually pretty stressful life events. As a highly organized and efficient woman I decided to throw caution to the wind and undertake all of these activities within a seven-day period. I’d strongly advise against doing this unless you are keen to experience a near calamitous breakdown. I know this was a ludicrous feat but I had no choice, we had a deadline, we were joining the circus. (Hence the title of this post which is from James Darren’s song ‘Goodbye Cruel World, we’re off to join the circus’. Warning, if you You Tube this song it WILL get stuck in your head.)

Telling friends, family and work colleagues that we were joining the circus felt like a lie, a story I’d made up to entertain myself on a ‘slow news day’. I felt like I was claiming to have invented the hills hoist, a ridiculous statement and yet it were true…the bit about the circus, not the hills hoist.

My talented and handsome husband had been offered a head chef role touring around Europe with Cirque Du Soleil’s big top show, ‘Kooza’. We didn’t immediately jump at the prospect of becoming “carni folk”, it took a lot of cajoling on my front to encourage Skip to get back into the kitchen after turning his focus to food photography. (He also just happens to be a great singer and musician too. Gush, sigh, blush!) With a spoonful of trepidation and pinch of excitement he agreed.


In three weeks we packed our lives into cardboard boxes, made dozens of phone calls to cancel utilities, cable TV, internet, phone, you know all of those things that take you a month to set up when you first move. We re-directed all our mail from Sydney to Brisbane (thanks Mum), dined excessively with people we love, indulged in much laughter with said people and then boarded a plane bound for Vienna, the land of tortes and pastries. [Read more →]